הגוף של בטי

"I see her every morning
And watch her fingers forming
Shapes that are as graceful
As a baby's face full
Of hope until it turns to
A neediness that burns through
Your heart like it was butter
In the mouth of someone's mother"

Betty's Body by The Residents / Demons Dance Alone 2002

Uri Zer Aviv

עיתונאי, בלוגר, עורך ומגיש ברדיו הקצה

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  1. אורי זר אביב

    אפריל 17, 2011 07:56

    The Residents see a jar.
    Sitting by the door.
    Empty and full of possibilities.

    They fill the jar with dirt and water.
    The jar is no longer empty.
    A new project is born.

    The dried mud shape resembles the jar.
    But it is not the jar.
    It is a dried mud shape.

    The Residents try again to define the jar with dirt and water.
    It will not be the jar.
    It will not be The Residents.

    The dried mud shapes stack up.
    Slowly forming a house.
    Mud bricks define a void.

    We sit in the void
    and imagine the jar.
    That is The Residents.

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